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Seasons of the Monster: Fall 2010
Spring 2011
Fall 2011
Sping 2012
Fall 2012

• Monster High™
• Dawn of the Dance™

• Scream Uniform
• Gloom Beach™
• Dead Tired™
• Classroom
• Day at the Maul

• Skull Shores™
• Sweet 1600™
• Sisters 2-Packs

• Skultimate Roller Maze™
• Ghouls Rule™
• Dot Dead Gorgeous™
• Scarily Ever After™
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Spring 2013
Fall 2013 Spring 2014
Fall 2014    

• Picture Day
• Scaris City Of Fright™
• Ghouls Alive®
• Dance Class
• Power Ghouls™
• Swim Asst.

• Music Festival
13 Wishes™
• Ghouls Night Out®
• Original Favorite
• Classroom 2-Pack Doll
• Scare-mester
• Frights Camera Action™
• Ghoul Spirit
• Picnic Casket
• Sweet Screams™
• Coffin Bean™
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Fall 2010
Monster High™ Asst. N2851
Gift Set N2854

• San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Dawn of the Dance™ Asst. T6067
Spring 2011
Monster High™ Asst. (Continued) N2851
Scream Uniform Fashion Asst. T7980
Gloom Beach™ Asst. T7987
Fall 2011
(black crest w/pink ribbon)
Monster High™ Asst. (Continued/Schools Out) N2851

• San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (Continued)

Dawn of the Dance™ Asst. (Continued w/DVD) T6067
Scream Uniform/School Clubs Fashion Asst. (Continued) T7980
Gift Set (Continued/Schools Out) V7961
Dead Tired™ Hydration Station™ with Lagoona Blue™ Doll V7963

• Ghoul Spirit 3-Pack


• Dawn of the Dance™ 3-Pack


• Day at the Maul Fashions

Dead Tired™ Asst. V7972
Classroom Asst. W2556
Dead Tired™ Room to Howl™ with Clawdeen Wolf™ Doll W2577
Gloom Beach™ 5-pack W2823

• Day at the Maul Asst.

Spring 2012
(pink/blue crest)
Monster High™ Asst. N2851
Vanity W9119
Fashion Pack Asst. W9122
Create A Monster Starter Pack (1 torso) Asst. W9155
Create A Monster Add-on Parts Asst. W9175
Skull Shores™ Asst. W9180
Sweet 1600™ Asst. W9188

• Werecat Sister 2-Pack

Sweet 1600™ Roadster Draculaura™ X0592

• Skull Shores™ 4-13 Frankie Stein™


• Sweet 1600™ C.A. Cupid™


• Werewolf Sister 2-Pack

Fall 2012
(pink/blue crest)
Monster High™ Asst. (Continued) N2851
Fashion Pack Asst. (Continued) W9122
Create A Monster Add-on Parts Asst. (Continued) W9175

• San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (Continued)

Accessory Asst. X3658
Skultimate Roller Maze™ Asst. X3671
High School X3711
Ghouls Rule™ Asst. X3712
Coffin Bean™ & Clawdeen Wolf™ X3721
Create A Monster Lab Add On Asst. X3728
Create A Monster Design Lab X3732

• Customized Asst.


• Dot Dead Gorgeous™ 3-pack


• Scarily Ever After™ Asst. X4483


• Skull Shores™ 5-pack


• Doll with Fashion Asst.


• Doll and Accessory Asst.


• Skultimate Roller Maze™ 2-pack


• Dead Tired™ Asst. (NEW)


• Coffin Bean™ w/ Clawdeen Wolf™ & Draculaura™


• Roadster with Draculaura™

Dot Dead Gorgeous™ Asst. X4528

• Ghouls Rule™ Abbey Bominable™


• Classroom Dolls (Black Friday) Asst.


• Create A Monster Torsos

Create A Monster Starter Pack (2 torso) Asst. Y6608
Spring 2013
(pink/blue crest)
Monster High® "Picture Day" Asst. (Continued) N2851
Create A Monster Add-on Parts Asst. (Continued) W9175
Skultimate Roller Maze™ Asst. (Continued) X3671
Scaris City Of Fright™ (Travel) Asst. Y0376
Scaris City Of Fright™ (Travel Light) Asst. Y0392
Fashion Pack (single) Asst. Y0397
Fashion Pack (multi) Asst. Y0402
Ghouls Alive® Asst. Y0421
Scaris City Of Fright™ Accessory Asst. Y0425
Dance Class Asst. Y0430
Accessory Asst. Y2867
Create A Monster Starter Pack (2 torso) Asst. (Continued) Y6608

• Scaris City Of Fright™ Catrine DeMew™


• Scaris City Of Fright™ 2-Pack


• Fear Squad 3-Pack


• Power Ghouls™ Asst.


• Swim Asst.

Fall 2013
(pink/blue crest)
Monster High® "Picture Day" Asst. (Continued) N2851
San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (Continued) Y7307

• Dead Tired™ Asst. (Asst. 2/Continued)


• Power Ghouls™ Asst. (Continued)

Music Festival Asst. Y7692
13 Wishes™ Party Asst. Y7702
13 Wishes™ Asst. Y7707
13 Wishes™ Oasis with Cleo De Nile® Y7716
Die-ner™ with Draculaura® Y7719
Haunt The Casbah™ with Spectra Vondergeist® Y7720

• Friday September 13 Doll

Ghouls Night Out® Asst. BBC09
Original Favorite Asst. BBC40
Classroom 2-Pack Doll Asst. BBC80
• Swim Doll Asst. BBR79
• Music Festival 2-Pack BBR83
• Doll with Fashion Asst. BBR84
• Create A Monster Build Up BBR87
• Dance Class 5-Pack BBR89
• Doll with Shoes Asst. BBR90
• Die-ner™ with Draculaura® & Operetta® BBR93
• 13 Wishes™ Abbey Bominable™ BBR94
• Sweet 1600™ (Black Friday) Asst. BBR95
• Ghouls Night Out® 4-Pack BBR96
• Accessory Assortment BBV01
• Create A Monster Design Starter Assortment BCC45
• Create A Monster Design Add On Assortment BCC46
• Create A Monster Lab Design Studio BCC47
• Jewelry Box Coffin With Draculaura® BDC30
• Headless Headmistress Bloodgood™ BBK21
Spring 2014
(lower window)
Monster High® "Scare-mester" Asst. (Continued) N2851
Ghouls Alive® Asst. (Continued) Y0421
• Doll with Fashion Asst. (Continued) BBR84
School Accessory Asst. BDD81
Frights Camera Action™ New Stars Doll Asst. BDD84
Frights Camera Action™ Accessory Asst. BDD89
Frights Camera Action™ Black Carpet™ Asst. BDF22
Ghoul Spirit Asst. BDF07
• Picnic Casket Doll 2-Pack BHM97
• Sweet Screams™ Doll Asst. BHN00
• Coffin Bean™ Asst. BHN03
Jane Boolittle™ BJF62
• = Exlusive or limited retial

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The Monster Hunt -- the search for Mattel's Monster High Dolls

For the first time in years a doll line has come out with personality, humor, and character driven themes. Monster High is not just a doll line, but also a complete brand with merchandise available in almost all categories. This Mattel line is not connected to Jem, but at least one (if not both) of the creators of the line is a major Jem fan .(see video below)

The line is so popular that the dolls were very hard to find for at least the first six months of release – I hope it keeps it’s popularity and continues to sell for many years. Monster High is also very popular with many doll collectors, and many Jem fans.

Might be inspired by Jem:

  • Gloom Beach Jackson Jekyll looks like this missing Misfits/Stingers fan. Many of his design elements and the color scheme were used in both the Misfits and the Stingers designs.
  • In the Summer of 2011, there was a contest to pick the one of the new dolls to be released (winner-Scarah Screams, Daughter of Arachne, and Headless Headmistress Bloodgood)– there was (an untrue) that Hasbro was going to have a contest to see if Raya or Craig Phillips was going to be become Jem and the Holograms new drummer.
  • 2012 Monster High will get the Draculaura Sweet 1600 Roadster – Jem had the Rockin’ Roadster which was changed to the Glitter’n Gold Roadster.

The page is roughly organized by when the assortments were originally released, with additions to the assortments added under the previous wave. Case and quantities information mostly comes from, among other US and international store websites. Fall and spring dates seem to be the generically intended release for the dolls, even though doll may show up months before or months after the release season at some stores or in some locations. Sorry for any confusion while I was moving stuff around and reorganizing the page.


Monster High™ Wave 1 Introductory Store Display
46" wide, 16" high, 15" deep deep with video and sound
displays Lagoona Blue™, Lagoona Blue™, Frankie Stein™, Draculaura™, Deuce Gargon™ & Cleo de Nile™
Monster High™ Wave 1 Introductory Store Display
(click image)

"Behind the Design of Monster High"

Notice Darren's Necklace -- Outrageous!
Thanks Arashi842 from for the find

"Monster High"™ Fright Song

(link will only work if part of the Asst. is on the current page)
Core Dolls
Asst N2851
Gift Set
starting with V7961
San Diego Comic Con
starting with V7964
Dawn of the Dance™
starting with Asst T6067

Gloom Beach™
starting with Asst T7987

Scream Uniform/Ghoul Spirit/School Clubs
starting with Asst T7980

Beds/Dead Tired™
starting with T8006

starting with Asst W2556

Day at the Maul
starting with V7969

starting with W9119,
X3658, Y2867 , BBV01

Fashion Pack
starting with Asst W9122
Create a Monster
starting with Asst W9155
Skull Shores™
starting with Asst W9180
Sweet 1600™
starting with Asst W9188

Sister Packs
starting with W9215

Skultimate Roller Maze™
starting with Asst X3671

High School
starting with X3711

Ghouls Rule™
starting with Asst X3712

Coffin Bean™
starting with X3721

Design Lab
starting with Asst X3728

Scarily Ever After™
starting with Asst X4483

Dot Dead Gorgeous™
starting with Asst X4528

Scaris City Of Fright™
starting with Asst Y0376

Ghoul's Alive!™
starting with Asst Y0421
Dance Class
starting with Asst Y0430
Exclusive Swim
starting with Asst Y7302
Ghoul Power™
starting with Asst Y7298
Music Festival
starting with Asst Y7692
13 Wishes™
starting with Asst Y7702
starting with Y7719
Friday September 13 Doll
starting with Y7729
Ghouls Night Out®
starting with Asst BBC09
Original Favorite
starting with Asst BBC40
Classroom 2-Pack
starting with Asst BBC80
School Accessory
starting with
Frights Camera Action™
starting with
Ghoul Spirit
starting with
Picnic Casket
starting with BHM97
Sweet Screams™
starting with BHN00
Coffin Bean™ Asst.
starting with BHN03
Jane Boolittle™
starting with BJF62

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